You won’t find better quality carbon handlebars at any price.


All Wren Carbon MTB handlebars are hand laid using aircraft-grade carbon. Layups are AI designed to maximize strength while saving weight. Each individual handlebar is weighed and put through a rigorous quality control check to ensure consistency.


We offer some unique angles on the widest carbon mountain bike bars in the industry at 840mm!




Sure, carbon can be lightweight but that's only a small added benefit of rocking carbon bars. Carbon fiber's vibration-damping characteristics are far superior to aluminum making it an ideal choice for handlebars. The longer your ride, the more your wrists, elbows, and shoulders will thank you.


Have cold fingers? Carbon is a temperature-neutral material, unlike aluminum. Metal bars are essentially heatsinks for your hands in the cold. Carbon bars can go a very long way in ensuring your fingers stay warm when cycling in the cold.